My Mini Studio

Canon 580EX triggered by ST-E2. But most of the time, I just use some foam-core on the left side.
$1 store pop-up laundry bin

That is a laundry bin from a dollar store, with some black construction paper for the sweep.
The light on the right is the JoeGo.
The flash on the top in the "handle" of the laundry bin isn’t always there, but was for this shot.


Gary Lowell wrote...
The flash and the fluorescents will give off different color temperatures. Did you find a way around this (ie. Gels)?

Joseph Hoetzl wrote...
The fluorescents aren't that far off ("Daylight" bulbs). I could gel the flash but haven't found it necessary. When I get a chance, will put up some more examples/demo shots using this setup. And, I usually don't even need the flash. For static shots, no real need with enough continuous lighting.

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