Coddington House, Warren Township, NJ

Codington House
15 Mt. Horeb Road
Warren Township, NJ

Shot while I was on the Somerset County Weekend Journey through the Past

The Codington Farmstead dates from 1742 when the area was known as Mount Horeb (now part of Warren Township.) The small farmhouse build by Issac Codington was occupied continuously by his decendents from 1742 to 2003 when Lora Codington, known locally as the Somerset County “Peach Lady” and the last in her family line, passed away.

The Codington’s were identified as one of the original Warren families when the Township was established in 1806, and the founders of the of the Mt. Horeb Methodist Church in 1820.

The house, which was expanded several times, contains furnishings and decorative arts dating from the 18th century offering a rich history of the Codington family spanning the entire period.


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