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Gangs all here Peanut Cake 25th Annual QuickChek Festival of Balloning Banner PNC Sponsored US Flag _MG_4863 Single Man Balloon PNC getting their money's worth Little Bee Hinds Keeps Going... And going... So formal _MG_4778 Salt makes me thirsty The  Little Bees Transport The Little Bees Crew Canon Shooter UFN - Nevermind that larger camera I have... There is what next to me? Olympus shooter Business End I'll have mine well done _MG_4736 This is how I impress the ladies _MG_4727 _MG_4724 Honda Head _MG_4694 Mooooooo Nice Hat Canon Shooters UFN _MG_4680 ASIMO Someone needs a wide angle lens Larry Hoff Hey, could you lend me a hand? 10 Minutes of Glory Continental Airlines - Work Hard, Fly Slowly Honda Robot Till you bite their heads off... I gotta P Canon Shooter UFN Dual Canon Shooters UFN Canon Shooter Chimping UFN Canon Shooter Chimping UFN Birthday Cake Balloon crew Energizer Propane Tanks _MG_4638 Mr. Peanut Melted Wax Shoot the shooter Canon Shooter UFN Canon Shooter UFN Watch my hair please! What Larry Hoff is pointing at Larry Hoff Scubapup Fully Loaded