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Upgrading to Lotus Domino 8.5

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Lotus Domino Server IconWell, it is finally here (for me), probably one of the biggest upgrades to Lotus Notes since the introduction of the “Domino” moniker back when I was still running it on OS/2.  OK, the 8.x release came out months ago but was missing a key feature that we use (roaming) but the “Gold” 8.5 release came out a few days ago, which put that feature back in.

So tonight is my upgrade of our primary production server to it.  I’ve been a Notes Developer/Admin/User since version 3 and wow has this come a long way since then.  Uber significant UI and functionality changes in the client really shine, never mind the ID vault [4] and things like DAOS [5] on the admin front.

Upgrades to new version of Lotus Domino have always proven way to simple (finding a large piece of wood to knock on) and as tested, this one should be no different.  I’ve done upgrades as a consultant to a certain other mail server and it was much more painful to me.  Am I against Microsoft Exchange, no, and as just a mail/calendar type server, it is fine, but for the way we use Notes here, doing it in the Microsoft world would be a massive undertaking of all sorts of other servers and applications.

People who “get” Notes, love it, and therein lies the problem – getting people to “get” it.  When IBM took over the Lotus brand, I didn’t expect the marketing to get better, and sorry IBM, but you have thus far proven to meet that expectation.

On a recent tweet by @chrismarquardt [6], he asked about year planner software for a Mac to which I said, “Lotus Notes is very happy on Macs these days” and his reply, “Lotus Notes? I had almost successfully forgotten it” and my reply, “You’d probably be surprised at what you see. IBM/Lotus made a rather large announcement [7] at Macworld [2009]”.  After that, a few responses about how people hate Notes, wishing they never had to use it and other general derogatory remarks about it, my favorite, “Lotus Notes? Please do not mention it!! *&%$+” which just furthers my point about the lack of understanding of an otherwise great piece of software.

Do I work for IBM, nope, am I paid to say these things, nope, do they sponsor this site, nope – call me a Lotus fanboy if you like, but me, I like things that just work, and my Notes setup does just that.
Have a look at some other type of Lotus Fans [8].

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