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Learn something new every day – Pupilometrics

January 13th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Eye with pupil dilatedWhile the sponge in my head is still absorbing new things, I like to keep it saturated.  A while back, I pretty much stopped loading my PMP, a Blackberry 8320 currently, with music, and started loading it with podcasts.
Wow, what a great, probably underutilized, resource they have proven to be!  Last night’s listen was no exception.  I listened to an interview with Rick Sammon on Digital Photography Life hosted by Michael GW Stein and Scott Sherman. 

Sure there is a bit of waffling, but one little extract that caught my attention was Rick’s mention of pupilometrics.   The definition of pupilometrics I’ve found is, “The relationship between a viewer’s pupil dilation and the interest factor of visual stimuli”.  Bottom line – when doing portrait or headshots, try to have the subject’s eyes dilated.  He mentioned a book about it by Richard D. Zakia called Perception and Imaging.  I think this may be an interesteing read so I’ll add it to my queue.

Next time you look at a photo of a person, have a look at their pupils and see what you think.

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