When LCD mount standards collide


I recently purchased a MAG GML2226 22-Inch LCD Monitor.  I wasn’t so impressed by the really low stand it came with, so I went to my favorite place for all things LCD mounts, monoprice.com and found exactly what I was looking for in an adjustable LCD stand. I checked the stand’s specifications and it had the spacing specified for the VESA mount points on the monitor, at 75mm (it also includes 100mm mount points)

However, when the stand arrived, I went to attach it to my new monitor and realized, I’m gonna need my moto-tool (Dremel, rotary tool, whatever you want to call it).  The 100mm mount points, the ones I don’t need, interfere with the power connection and the VGA in, and I may also need to trim the area on the top left of the DVI-D connection.

So much for standards.  I guess neither Mag nor monoprice is to blame, but if I had to assign blame, it would be on VESA, because although they have all sorts of lovely specifications on distances and spacing and patterns, they don’t include clearance rules for the rest of the panel.

Just something to keep in mind when looking to mount your LCD, whether it be a TV or a monitor.  Neve rmind the different DVI connector styles that I was unaware of until I went to connect this monitor…