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Disney’s Baby Einstein funny baby photo contest – the “rights grab” that put me over the edge

April 12th, 2010 No comments

I’m really tired of seeing these so-called “photo contests”, which are actually “rights grabs”.  What is a “rights grab” you ask?  I’ll try to explain.

Many companies need photos, photos of everything, from the mouse to the side of your keyboard, the one that scurries past you in the night, the desk in your office, your dog, your family gatherings, your children, you name it, companies need photos to use in advertising, internal publications, newsletters, wherever.  It used to be that a company would either hire a photographer and crew, and get the shot they needed, or, go to a stock agency and buy it.  And now, with micro-stock, buying it is cheaper, but companies don’t even want to pay these lower costs, so, how do they get the photos they need, they run a “contest”. Read more…