Integrating slideshowpro with galleria using php


The other day a friend of mine, Scott tweeted about getting slideshowpro to work with galleria. As someone who is usually up to a little coding challenge from time to time, and not knowing anything about slideshowpro nor galleria, I challenged myself to get it working with his wordpress setup.

Does anyone know if there is a way to make Galleria (JQuery) work off of a SlideShowPro XML file?less than a minute ago via Tweetie

I started researching slideshowpro, and I knew that is used XML based feeds into the flash SWF’s that they use, but what I didn’t immediately know, was that the XML it produced was dynamic. I set off coding some simpleXML stuff in php, based on an XML file Scott had cached on his server. Once I got that working with galleria, I started to tackle the DirectorPHP API.

I knew Scott uses the Thesis theme on his site, which is capable of including php files, outside of the normal wordpress stuff, without resorting to plugins. So once I got my php code working as a standalone page, all he’d I’d have to do is a few tweaks, and then include it in Thesis.
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