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Another first for my baby girl – the “quarter” horse

August 25th, 2009 6 comments

Growing up, my parents used to take us to Rocking Horse Ranch, a nice family resort kind of place in Highland, NY. It had all sorts of activities, including, but not limited to these odd metal crafts, with some sort of dry powder that you coated the metal in, and then baked.  It was run by an older woman, Miriam I think was her name, sweet lady, but we probably had a few choice names for her back then.

Aside from the memory of that, and many others, one of the prime attractions at the ranch that my brother, mom (not as much) and I,  later on, my sister, were quite fond of, was horseback riding.  My dad, who wasn’t so fond of riding, always joked that the only horse he would get on, was a quarter horse.  No, not that kind, but rather the one you put a quarter in, in front of the grocery store.  Well dad, the quarter is now 75¢, and it certainly isn’t a horse.

Her first "quarter horse"

Her first "quarter horse"

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Sending an email with a custom “sender” with Lotus Notes/Domino

August 17th, 2009 8 comments

I recently had the need to send an email from a Notes application where the sender wasn’t going to be me, nor the agen’t signer.   I tried many methods I’d found on the forums, on the many articles, on help from twitter, and finally, by opening a PMR with Lotus support, only to be told that IBM/Lotus won’t help me because it is spoofing.

I am not spoofing anything. I have a legitimate business need to send out emails, where there is no mention of the user performing the action, nor the signer of an agent, nor the server’s id either.

If I set the mail document’s fields, nothing should be changing them.

Dim mysender As String, mysenderN As String
mysender = ""
mysenderN = mysender & "@NotesDomain" 'Needed for internal routing only
maildoc.From = mysenderN
maildoc.SMTPOriginator = mysender
maildoc.Sender = mysender
maildoc.Principal = mysenderN
maildoc.INETFROM = mysender
maildoc.send (true,false)

If I stop the router, and look at the document in the, the INETFROM shouldn’t be different, but it is, and it is my email address, well, the address associated with my .id file.

I see far too many posts and things about this in the forums.  I’ve looked and looked, but couldn’t spot how to accomplish this.  Well, I finally read it somewhere, and I can’t remember where, but put simply, if you are working in the, don’t use the “send” method, simply use the “save” method, and voilà, the mail will leave how you programmed it.

This is my example code for sending a MIME email, with a “spoofed” sender using Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5. Is it perfect – no, but it does work for me…

Dim s As New NotesSession Dim Subject As String, SendTo As String Dim Sender As String, SenderN As String 'the address you want the mail to appear to be from Sender = "FName LName <>" SenderN = "FName LName <>" 'Alternatively, you could just use: 'Sender = "" 'SenderN = Sender & "@NotesDomain" subject = "This is the subject line" SendTo = "" Dim DBmbox As New NotesDatabase("servername", "") Dim mail As New NotesDocument( DBmbox ) s.ConvertMIME = False ' Do not convert MIME to rich text Dim body As NotesMIMEEntity Dim header As NotesMIMEHeader Dim stream As NotesStream Dim child As NotesMIMEEntity Set stream = s.CreateStream Set body = mail.CreateMIMEEntity Set header = body.CreateHeader({MIME-Version}) Call header.SetHeaderVal("1.0") Set header = body.CreateHeader("Content-Type") Call header.SetHeaderValAndParams({multipart/alternative;boundary="=NextPart_="}) 'Add the to field Set header = body.CreateHeader("To") Call header.SetHeaderVal(SendTo) 'Add Subject Line Set header = body.CreateHeader("Subject") Call header.SetHeaderVal(subject) 'Add the body of the message Set child = body.CreateChildEntity Call stream.WriteText("<p>") Call stream.WriteText("<font face=Verdana color=#0288C1 size=3>") Call stream.WriteText(|<div class="headerlogo">|) 'If you are referencing any external files, images, javascript, you must use a fully qualified URL/Path Call stream.WriteText (|<img src="" alt="SomeLogo">|) Call stream.WriteText(|</div></font>|) Call stream.WriteText(|...some more HTML |) Call child.setContentFromText(stream, {text/html;charset="iso-8859-1"}, ENC_NONE) Call stream.Truncate 'Not sure if I need this Call stream.Close Call mail.CloseMIMEEntities(True) Call mail.replaceItemValue("Form", "Memo") Call mail.replaceItemValue("Recipients", SendTo) Call mail.replaceItemValue( "From", SenderN ) Call mail.replaceItemValue( "InetFrom", Sender ) 'Since we created the mail in the, we just need to save it, not send it! Call mail.Save(True,False) s.ConvertMIME = True ' Restore conversion
This LotusScript was converted to HTML using the ls2html routine,
provided by Julian Robichaux at

My GPS Purchase Experience – Continued…

August 17th, 2009 No comments

So, I returned the TomTom GO 630, and since I said I was looking to exchange it for the TomTom GO 730, they said they would waive the 15% restocking fee. However, the price on both units at Best Buy had gone up significantly.  The GO 630 went up by $80, and the GO 730 was now selling for $360.  I asked if they would match the prices of either the TomTom site itself, or another local brick and mortar.  They said they couldn’t match any price other than their own online price, which was the same, so I left with just the full refund.

I went hunting around online, and found that 6th Avenue had the TomTom GO 730 for less than I paid for the GO 730 at Best Buy.  So I drove over to my local 6th Avenue, and the price on display was $100 more than their online price.  I do not understand these brick and mortars that sell for two different prices.  I somewhat understand a little markup for the convenience of in-store shopping, and maintaining a store front, but $100 over the online price seems excessive.  When I questioned it, a manager came over, and very quickly offered to sell it at their online price.  Kudos to 6th Avenue for doing that, but I wonder about the unsuspecting consumer that wanders in without the knowledge of the online pricing scam.  What is even sillier, is that I could have ordered it online, and done an in store pickup, and gotten the online price anyway.  Silly, silly, silly.

Moving on from the purchasing experience, I got the unit home, did a full backup (as recommended by many) and went to link the device with my TomTom home software, only to be greeted by this:

TomTom Home - Switch Device Screen

TomTom Home - Switch Device Screen

So I figure, OK, this makes sense, let’s switch it. But, I get this warning:

TomTom Home - Switch Device Warning

TomTom Home - Switch Device Warning

Nope, sorry, I get this dialog box informing me I can’t without contacting customer support!?

TomTom Home - Can't switch device

TomTom Home - Can't switch device

Excuse me?  I can’t switch to my new device?  Why? I only had one device before.  This is my first device switch in 6 months anyway!   If someone can explain the rationale behind this message, I am all ears.

So, I go to call TomTom support “The leader in personal navigation”, only to find out that they only operate “Monday through Friday, 8:30AM-7PM and Saturday 9AM-6PM Eastern Time, our support line is now closed”.  For a global company, I expected a bit more from them.  Oh well, now I have to call them during their support hours and see about switching my device.  The journey continues…