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Dear Baby Girl, Happy 2nd Birthday!

March 30th, 2010 2 comments

Dear Baby Girl,
Happy Birthday!
Another year gone by since you came into my life.  Watching you grow is amazing, you are amazing!

Will I be that tall? So happy with her balloon Finally got a smile I'm coming for that camera! Balloons get the thumbs up! I'm gonna get that plant Just over 15 Months The cutest little frog I did not have a Jelly Doughnut! All the snow, but she plays on the slide First Hair Cut

Over the past year, you had a number of firsts – You had your first ride on a “quarter horse”, you played skee ball for the first time, went into the ocean, got your first hair cut and more.  And now I even tag this post with toddler, but I’m still calling you my baby girl! Read more…

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NUTCAAL, “Not using the camera at arms length”

March 18th, 2010 No comments

Maybe this is posted elsewhere, maybe it isn’t, but I’d like to call attention to the “I have a screen so I’ll use it at arms length to compose my photo”, or IHASSIUIAALTCMP. I’d recommend, NUTCAAL, “Not using the camera at arms length”, and, at least I can pronounce NUTCAAL. OK, silly new acronyms aside, what I’m talking about is folks who insist on using their cameras while holding it with arms fully extended.

With so many P&S cameras leaving out the optical viewfinder, providing less than full coverage in the viewfinder, or DSLR’s with “live-view”, it seems that this practice has become an epidemic.
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