Dear Baby Girl, Happy 5th Birthday!


Dear Baby Girl,

Happy 5th Birthday!

Another year gone by with lots of “firsts” again. We went to your first baseball game (which got rained out but we made it up),


your first “concert” (OK, it was the doodlebops – who???). You also performed in the Elmo’s World show while there.


And perhaps, the biggest “first” – you started school. You make me so proud with how well you are doing with it. I love hearing what you are doing, and I love seeing all your artwork and projects. It is kind of scary that pretty soon, you won’t need me or mommy to read these birthday posts to you. But always know that I’ll read your bedtime stories as long as you let me and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a few more years of that!


And, most recently, you welcomed your little brother into our family with excited, caring and open arms. You are doing so well with him around and you did so well with all the baby craziness going on around here for the past year! Thank you!