Here is a little lighting setup that I use for my mini studio.

Parts List:

1 – Thomas & Betts reddot Floodlight Kit (Home Depot)
2 – Commercial Electric 27W (100W eqv.) Daylight Screw-In CF’s
1 – White Foam-Core Board
1 – Vinyl Shower Curtain (see updated notes below – new shots soon!)
1 – White Duct Tape

The Inards:
The Inards of the JOEgo

The Cover
Top Foam Core Cover of the JOEgo

The Shower Curtain front of the JOEgo

The Shower Curtain front of the JOEgo

First examples:

JOEgo Off - Just flash

JOEgo Off - Just flash


JOEgo on & a bounce card

Some further information on the parts and updates to the diffusing…

From Home Depot:

  • The Red Dot Outdoor lighting kit (it is much cheaper $10) to buy the kit rather then buy the separate parts (found near all the lighting/electrical stuff) – Includes the base, the two fixtures, wire nuts, and the top plate
  • Lamp cord (they sell a prebuild molded one for a few bucks…which winds up cheaper and faster then buying a plug and piece of cord
  • Electrical tape
  • Romex wiring clamps (not really required but looks neater)
  • Inline switch
  • White Duct tape

From Staples/Office Depot/craft store, wherever really…

  • 1 Sheet of White Foam Core (I keep a few of these around)
  • Assortment of paperboards – white, grey, blue, black (like the one I gave you) – to make “sweeps”
  • If you are venturing into a store like that, a package of tracing paper…which also makes a decent light diffusing material.

The search for the diffuser was long, but the front of that Joego you got is intended for shelf liner…not an easy find! Shower curtain works, but the wrinkles show up weird and are hard to get rid of. I imagine the shelf liner works better because it is a uniform pattern.

Let me know if you have trouble finding any parts or have any questions.

Example of my Mini-studio setup – (and no, the flash isn’t always up there…):