Canon® BP511 and LP-E6 Dual Battery Holder


*Update – You can also fit 2 of Canon’s LP-E6 Batteries also.

I read a post over on the Canon Digital Photography Forums by “BVI Steve” that described using a Sucrets® box as a holder for 2 Canon BP511/BP511A batteries.
I didn’t come up with the idea, I didn’t invent anything, just wanted to document it and add in my own little modification to the idea in the hopes that someone may find it useful.

Materials/Parts List:

  • 1 Sucrets® Plastic Box
  • 1 Sheet of FoamiesTM
  • Scissors
  • Instant Glue

Do whatever you like with the contents, save them for a sick day, whatever…

The sucrets box

I found that there was a bit of play around the case, so I had a sheet of FoamiesTM and realized this is the perfect material for the job.

Foamies and Sucrets

Take the box and press the bottom part of it into the FoamiesTM sheet and cut out around the impression made by it.
You may have to trim it a bit more, when happy with the fit, which you want to be snug, place it in the bottom. If you didn’t cut too much, you won’t need glue here.

Making the impressions
Foamies Impression

Cut a final square for the lid, a bit of instant glue around the perimeter and you are all set….


The two batteries, nicely snuggled in their new home


Please let me know if you have trouble finding any parts or have any questions.