Dear Baby Girl, Happy 3rd Birthday!


Dear Baby Girl,

Happy 3rd Birthday!

What a year it has been! Your first trip to the Bronx Zoo, Sesame Place, Walt Disney World, but if I had to pick a highlight, it would have to be hearing your little voice.  You were a little trooper and you came through sooner than anyone expected.  It is simply amazing.


Sure there are a few other little things  we need to work on, but I’m sure we’ll get there 🙂

Every day it still seems like something new comes along and as of late, your affinity for puzzles of increasing complexity, your artwork, and Monkey Preschool Lunchbox are just a few of those (sometimes) silly things that I love watching.

And, when the day is done, you still find comfort in curling up in my arms and falling asleep…

I love you, Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl,