Return to the site of the “white van” incident


Port Jersey Peninsula Preserve Obervation PlatformShortly after I wrote about my rights being questioned while shooting the US Airways Airbus A320 on the barge, I decided to return to the site at the very next opportunity I had to get there to see if I did miss some sings indicating I did do something wrong.  Well, I went back on January 25, 2009 at around 10AM.  I thought since the initial media frenzy was over, that there wouldn’t be many news vans or people around since every other visit to this site has been uneventful and I was right.  There were none.

There were only a few cars around the entire area, especially since I didn’t see any ships in the various ports around the area.  So, as I drove down, I was looking very carefully for any signs that I might have missed.  Well, I didn’t see any indicating I couldn’t be where I was that day, nor that I couldn’t be there any other day, as long as I observed the posted operating hours of the site.

Port Jersey Peninsula Preserve

Upon closer inspection of the above sign, just below the map, it reads, “Visitors are only permitted at the fishing are and this elevated observation platform”.  Well, I guess that is a little too open for interpretation, and if I pressed the woman from the white van, she might have pointed to the sign and told me that is why she could question me.  In looking around, I could not find any signs designating the “fishing area”, but I assume it would have to be on the shore, in front of the tower, which is exactly where I was when I was stopped.

Oh well, I’ll let this go for now, and in case you want to go see the plane, this spot isn’t really that good for photos of it.  It can be photographed from a much less “restricted” area, where there are no signs about any limits, there are designated parking spots, and no posted operating hours. So here are two shots from just up the road from the observation platform area.  They were just finishing up moving the plane around from one barge to another.

Relocating US Airways Flight 1549 onto another barge

US Airways Flight 1549 on the barge