The last can


The last canThis past Sunday night marked another milestone in our little one’s life.  She polished off the last of the formula that got her to where she is today nutrition wise, well after the first couple of months of bm.
It is both a happy and sad time – our little girl is growing by the second.  Sure she has had real food but that is mainly a learning experience for her with formula being the main source.  We’ve been mixing in and fully substituting a whole bottle of regular milk and sneaking in her vitamins for about a month now.  Luckily (knocking on wood) she took to it like a champ and we don’t have to sneak the vitamins in either.

She is also eating and throwing more and more diverse foods, and now we are starting to ween her off the bottle too.  Something that doesn’t seem to be going as smoothly as the real milk transition.  I don’t think I’ll be writing “the last bottle” too soon.  Diapers getting more “interesting” too 🙂

Just this time last year, I was assembling a crib and making what seemed to be daily visits to the doctors that would deliver our little bundle of joy.  It really does go by quickly.  She will be one year young soon, but will always be my baby girl.