Dear Baby Girl, Happy First Birthday!


Katherine Rose Hoetzl

Dear Baby Girl,
A year ago, right around this time I was getting ready to go out and take some photos out at Echo Lake or maybe Watchung Reservation as I had normally done on weekends.  I was delayed because I had to use the potty, a word I haven’t used in many years, when I heard your mommy call out for me.  You were on your way to meet us in person.  You were supposed to show up on Monday, but I guess you just couldn’t wait another day.  We made the phone call to the Dr., to grandmas and grandpas and got ready to leave.   When we returned home, we would be a family.

On that day, you changed my life in ways I could never imagine.  I love watching you grow, you falling asleep in my arms, the changes that occur at an alarming rate.   It is truly amazing, how in just one year, you have gone from that tiny little baby I saw naked, to this little girl, that fights back when we need to change you, crawls around screaming,  standing, almost walking, eating, well, tasting, everything you can fit in your tiny mouth.

I look forward to seeing every new joy you bring us in the next year of your life.

1 Year Old Princess

Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!